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Khus Sharbat

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Khus Sharbat

About the product


Khus sharbat, made from the roots of the khus grass, is a must-have for hot summer days. Khus is well-known for its cooling effects as well as a variety of health advantages. Relax and enjoy the refreshing and fragrant beverage to keep yourself cool!


How to use:

 Add one part of KhusSharbat with 5 parts of water or milk. No additional sugar required.

 Stir well and serve.


Tasting notes:


Strong woody aroma of the khus grass

Sweet, refreshing & flavourful




Khus Lemonade


30ml Mapro Khus syrup

8 to 10 ice cube

1 no lime wedges

Club soda (as per taste)


Make it this way:

Combine the Khus syrup and lime wedge well in a serving glass. Pour soda water and

add ice. Your utterly refreshing drink is ready!

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