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Mojito Lounge

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Mojito Lounge

About the Product


Mojito due to its refreshing taste has been the most sought after drink all over the world.

Preparing the best Mojito by muddling lime and mint together is time consuming and the proportion may not always come out for the perfect taste.We bring to you Mojito lounge which has the perfect calibrated amount of lime and mint which will provide instant flavour and rejuvenation to your mind and body.

Take one part of Mapro Mojito Lounge and five parts of chilled soda or rum to prepare your refreshing punch.


Tasting notes:


Intense smell of mint & lime

Refreshing mint taste



Green Apple Mojito



15ml Mapro Green Apple Lounge                                             

15ml Mapro Mojito Lounge                                 

8 to 10 ice cubes                                        

2 no of lime wedges                                     

4 to 8 Fresh mint leaves                                        

Club Soda


Make it this way:

Start with muddling Green apple lounge,Mojito lounge and lemon chunks together in a serving glass. Crush the mint leaves by rolling it between your hands.Add the crushed min to the glass and stir well.Add ice and pour chilled soda.Enjoy!     


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