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Raw Mango Falero Pulpy Fruit Chews

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  • Contains real fruit pulp
  • Free from class II preservative
  • Gluten free
  • Zero trans fat
  • Zero Cholesterol

vegetarian product This is a Vegetarian product.

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Raw Mango Falero Pulpy Fruit Chews

The Falero Story

The origin of candies dates back to Ancient India when sugarcane was discovered by Persians followed by Greeks. Since then, Candies in the form of chews,lollies etc have been associated with us.

We all enjoy these small flavourful punches.More than a decade ago when Falero was launched, it changed the perception of candies. Candies are no more just sugar and flavour. The tiny falero which you lovingly pop in, has 33% real fruit pulp.

Sit back and enjoy the fruitful falero!

About the product

The tangy taste of the raw mango pulp combined well with the sweetness, Raw Mango falero is soft, moist and made with real raw mango pulp.

Giving your taste buds a quirky flavour or popping it on a  dizzy roadtrip , it will surely serve the purpose.

Tasting notes:

Green colour, intense taste and smell of Raw mango.


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