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At Mapro Foods, we are obsessed with the desire to satisfy your hunger for junk food with healthy and nutritious food. The Mapro Foods' team is committed to providing you with healthy alternatives to the food you crave!

We not only specialise in making mouth-watering fruit jams, fruit concentrates, and fruit bars, but also create them using organically grown fruits on the farms technically guided and supervised by Mapro in the hill town of Panchgani, Maharashtra.

Mapro began its journey with a small food processing unit in Mahabaleshwar-Panchgani and has since grown to become one of the top food processing companies in India, particularly in Western India, with an annual processing capacity of around 30 thousand MT. Mapro is not just a brand, it is the taste of India where every child, youth, and elderly person can be assured of the quality along with the taste.

Mapro Garden LLP

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Hobby Turned into Profession

It all started when one day a young connoisseur Kishore Vora, a business man and a pharmacist, decided to produce strawberry jam to help the distressed farmers of Panchgani, who were getting marginal money for their fresh produce of strawberries.

In a mutually beneficial relationship with farmers, soon, Kishore Vora tried to make jams with many other fruits grown in the area. The jams had a higher percentage of fruit content and were so good that Kishore Vora soon got the food processing license from the Indian government.

Mapro, which was started in 1959, soon became a top notch brand with its continued innovation in the development of processed foods ranging from jellies to fruit syrups and from crushes to dessert toppings.

With Mapro's technical guidance and support to farmers in the area prospered and Mahabaleshwar-Panchgani has become the India's top most strawberry county where more than 80 percent of the country's strawberries are grown.

50 Fruitful Years

Palatable Healthy and Fruitilicious Range of Food products for Anytime Hunger

Mapro is a trendsetter and a leader in the fruit-based confectionary market in India and offers a full of fruit wide variety of delicious, high quality and nutritious food products for anytime hunger. Start your day with the sweetness of Honey, enjoy the goodness and variety of fruits in your breakfast with a range of healthy fruit jams. Add Thandai, Lichi, Kiwi, Mango and a wide range of other fruit crushes to your breakfast. Use exotic natural flavor of Green apple lounge, Strawberry lounge, and many other lounge flavors to prepare a wide variety of beverages, smoothies and dessert toppings.

Refresh yourself with Rose sharbat, Khus Sharbat and a wide variety of other cooling and energizing squashes and syrups. Mapro mid meal hunger satisfiers such as Falero pulpy fruit chews or 'pates de Fruit, as known by the rest of the world, come in unique indigenous flavors such as Kacchi Kairi (Raw Mango), Alphonso Mango and Strawberry. Mapro candies and Jellies are made of fruit juices and liquid glucose and are one of their own kinds.

Our people are Our Strength

With the collective team effort and dedication of our people, we have become what we are today. Started with just 12 permanent employees in 1971, we now have around 300 employees working with us. In our flat organizational structure, all our employees work together like a family with their different set of experiences to grow our business and nurture our brand.

In a family like atmosphere of the company, the employees take their lunch together with the wholesome meal cooked in the canteen. Mapro is proud to take the responsibility of its employees. The employees are recognized for their hard work and for their long service with awards. The families of the employees are a part of all celebrations and the education of their children are encouraged and supported by Mapro.

Besides this, Mapro has also taken the responsibility for the development and the social and economic upliftment of the entire Gureghar village since 1971. When the farmers in the area were struggling with their living, Mapro held their hands and gave them a new hope. Today these farmers have regular income and a ready market at their doorstep.

With Mapro's support, Gureghar has become a village with 100% sanitation, 100% literacy rate and no one below the poverty line. In addition, each house has its own biogas plant.

Strawberry Festival

Have you ever plucked juicy and fresh strawberries from a farm and tasted them fresh to your heart content! During the strawberry festival you can actually pluck strawberries and eat as many strawberries as you want. A four day strawberry festival celebration in the month of April, during summer vacations, is the most awaited event for tourists as well as locals of Mahbaeshwar-Panchgani, which is the sole producer of the 80% strawberries of the country.

Few years back, the strawberry festival was started to promote strawberries when the growth of strawberries exceeded the market demand. The strawberry festival has attracted tourists from all over the world and has increased tourism in Panchgani. Every year thousands of enthusiasts come to this festival to taste a wide variety of strawberries grown in the area. In addition to strawberries, a number of lip smacking strawberry creations such as strawberry chocolate pizza with strawberry topping and chochoberrywitch made of bread; chocolate sauce and fresh strawberries, strawberry bhel, chocolate dipped strawberries and strawberry sandwiches are available in strawberry festival for taste and satisfy strawberry hunger.

The other attractions of the event are Lezim dance, a type of folk dance in Maharashtra, live orchestra, watercolor tattoos, free strawberry-picking stroll, farm visits, Mapro food Park visits and much more.

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