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Mapro Orange Marmalade Jam 1kg

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  • Contains real fruit juice
  • Vegan
  • Gluten free
  • Low fat Zero trans fat
  • Zero Cholesterol

vegetarian product This is a Vegetarian product.

Product Description

Enjoy the goodness of Vitamin C in your breakfast with the blast of citrus orange delight that not only helps you to maintain the fat, calorie and sodium level in your body but also satisfies your craving for tart fruits. Glaze your toasts, smoothies, cookies and many different recipes with this jam, made of fresh orange pulp. 

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By vivan on 8 September 2016

Its not a jam,. Its marmalade,. Just like jam,. But its so tasty & good for health,. Jam contains more sugar content,. But in marmalade it doesn't have sugar content,. Only having sweet from the orange pulp,. Marmalade having only in orange flavor,. Other flavors are just jam from mapro,. I bought 2 pack of this,. One is pineapple(jam) & other one is orange(marmalade)

By ro-breit on 8 September 2016

Too liquidy, very sweet and proportion of orange rind is rather low. After a months storage I can see sugar crystallization that happens with products containing excessive sugar. I earlier used orange marmalade by MALA. . Mala is better than Mapro. Price for one kilogram is very reasonable.

By dhairya bajaria on 8 September 2016

Guyz orange marmnalade tastes amazing.... U can just feel the taste of oranges along with lemon essence... It is a bit more sweet then other jam It is almost in liquid form

By Aditya Shanbhag on 8 September 2016

Love the product, totally recommend this seller, it has pieces of fruit inside and the taste is not too sweet, and the quality is consistent.

By Vineet Mohindra on 8 September 2016

What a waste.

By santhosh on 8 September 2016

the product is fresh and very good.but very sweet and will not be liked by everyone

By IM on 8 September 2016

Tasty and thick, not too sweet. Not bitter, but tangy goodness!

By Nick on 8 September 2016

Sweet and Tangy! Not too sweet, not too tangy. Great taste!

By Kunal on 8 September 2016

Another quality offering from Mapro. The taste is good.

By Suresh G F on 8 September 2016

Very good taste....but, more sweeter than expected !

By gopinath on 8 September 2016


By Jayanti Chakraborty on 8 September 2016

Awesome jayanti baguiati kol 700059

By subi on 8 September 2016

It taste superb!! Everyone likes!

By Barsha on 8 September 2016

Good product. Value for money.

By AVISHEK CHATTERJEE on 8 September 2016

a bit sugary for my taste.

By Scooby too on 8 September 2016

Good value for money

By umapathyo on 8 September 2016

Good and delicious

By raghavendra on 8 September 2016

Its very good product compare to kissan jam and price is reasonable and love the taste. ..

By mady on 8 September 2016

Nice product

By ramarava on 8 September 2016

As expected.

By akshay on 8 September 2016

little good

By Seema jairath on 8 September 2016

Good quality

By Chitrarekha Mehendale on 8 September 2016

Good product

By Ronnie on 8 September 2016

tastes good

By avinash phadke on 8 September 2016

very good

By Bibhuti Bhusan Ghosh on 8 September 2016


By Tej S. on 8 September 2016

gr8 one

By BHARAT KUMAR on 8 September 2016


By shiladitya Harsh on 8 September 2016


By gadi on 8 September 2016

Good product. Great value for the price paid.

By vidhubalakrishnan on 8 September 2016

Good..but too sweet

By Manny on 28 June 2017

Good marmalade at a good price.

By Madhuri L. on 7 July 2017

Mapro products are good. But I wish they will come up with bitter orange marmalade, Product as good as the best around the world.

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