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Mapro Whole Strawberry Jam

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  • Contains real fruit pulp
  • Vegan
  • Gluten free
  • Zero trans fat
  • zero cholesterol

vegetarian product This is a Vegetarian product.

Product Description

Enjoy the real taste of strawberries everyday in your breakfast by having simply delicious strawberry jam with actual shards of strawberries. Put this smooth and rich spread on toast, smoothies, cookies or chapattis and prepare quick healthy morning or evening recipe for the entire family.

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By Fazal on 6 September 2016

I have ordered more then half a dozen Mapro products and far this is the best product, hands down. Firstly it's strawberry, and secondly the aftertaste is awesome, its a great match with Bread, buns and even chapatis. And the most unique thing about this product is that it has actual shards of strawberry in it along with the strawberry seeds, just simple amazing.

By Rajesh Arachi on 6 September 2016

This is just about what passes for strawberry jam. Tata sells a strawberry preserve called Highland - that is no better. At least in Mapro the fruit is still soft. Well....if you like Kissan you won't mind this

By Priti naik on 26 July 2017

Wow. .good taste. . I like..

By Whole Strawberry Jam 1 kg on 5 August 2017

Well i liked it very very much..the sugar content is perfect..and loved the flavour as well as strawberries in it..

By Aloke Gupta on 25 October 2017

Most delicious,genuine strawberries,I used it instead of fresh strawberries to make yogurt and strawberry ice cream.

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