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Whole Strawberry Jam

Whole Strawberry Jam

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  • Contains real fruit pulp
  • Vegan
  • Gluten free
  • Zero trans fat
  • zero cholesterol

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Whole Strawberry Jam

The Strawberry story

Strawberries were discovered in India long before the British arrived, but the beautiful fruit was not well received. The British were the ones who tried growing strawberries in various locations in India. As a result of this experiment, Mahabaleshwar's soil and climatic conditions were found to be perfect for strawberry cultivation in the year 1871.  Since then, strawberry has become synonymous with Mahabaleshwar. This little, soft, delicious fruit is not a true berry, yet it is high in minerals, fiber, vitamins, and phytochemicals, just like other berries. Isn't this berry incredible?

About the product

Made from hand-picked fresh and succulent strawberries, Mapro strawberry whole jam is a perfect companion for your breakfast or evening tea time. Loaded with strawberry pulp, which is rich in fibre and vitamins, the jam ensures that it retains the real goodness of the fruit. Slide it evenly on your bread, chapati, or paratha to enjoy a lip-smacking treat!

Parents’ FAQs

1. What quantity should be given at a time?

Answer: 20 gm

2. How should the jam be stored?

Answer: Store the bottle in a cool and dry place. Use a clean and dry spoon to avoid contamination.

3. Is it vegan?

Answer: Yes

4. Is it gluten-free?

Answer: Yes

5. Can I use it with milk?

Answer: This tastes best as a spread. You may use Mapro Strawberry Crush to prepare milkshakes.


Strawberry yogurt


1 cup fresh yogurt 

2 tbsp Mapro whole strawberry jam

Make it this way:

In a serving bowl, mix the yogurt and strawberry jam. Stir well until combined completely. Enjoy the berry tasty treat!


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